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Moorcroft Millside 10 inch vase 121/10

UK Art Pottery

Moorcroft Millside 10 inch vase 121/10


In 1914 Mackintosh left Glasgow and moved to his new home, Millside, in the village of Walberswick on the Suffolk coast, where there was a small artists’ colony. The intention was to find peace and seclusion. He devoted himself to watercolour painting and produced some of the finest flower studies of his career. Here Mackintosh could wander the quiet country lanes and grow plants in his small garden and enjoy watching nature come alive. Flowers such as tulips reoccurred in his art and continued in his later textile designs. His designs showed his lifelong interest in plant forms, and it was these floral motifs of Mackintosh’s that inspired Rachel. The stylised tulips and lattice work in Millside have a jewel like quality, enhanced by Rachel’s clever use of coloured tubelining slip.