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Dennis Chinaworks

The Dennis China Works was launched in 1985 to make ceramics for collectors. Sally and Richard Dennis re-started the works in 1993 after reviving Moorcroft pottery for the previous six years.

Sally Tuffin, well known and well thought of for her Moorcroft designs, has moved art pottery forward with her new Dennis China Works designs influenced by the arts and crafts movement and nature.

The simple generous shapes of vases, jugs, plates and bowls are hand thrown on the wheel and carefully turned by Rory Mcleod and Jon Gray The decorating team led by Vanessa Whitemore include Louise Norris, Heidi Warr, Sarah Leeson and Tania Pike. Each pot is individually hand decorated using traditional sliptrailing and incising and then painted with underglaze pigments, building up layers of colour.

Finally all pieces are signed and numbered. This is an opportunity to purchase low numbered pieces of a pottery at the start of a long history of creativity in design.

A edition about the Dennis Chinaworks is available for £24 (Please see the books section).